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No-Code District is the right partner to

Build a Startup and MVP with No-Code and Low-Code

SMEs Custom Apps & Software with No-Code and Low-Code

Winning Marketing and Branding Strategy for SaaS

Empowering SMEs with AI Strategy and Training

This is the stack of tools we master to turn your ambitions into a reality

Explore What We Do at No-Code District

No Code and Low Code

Software Development

Web Apps Development:

From complex web applications to dynamic websites, our team will build the solution you need. We ensure a seamless user experience across all devices, delivering a visually appealing and functionally robust solution.

Mobile Apps Development:

We build native-like mobile applications focused on high performance and a rich user experience, ensuring your app stands out in the crowded app marketplaces.

Tailored Solution Maintenance:

  • Regular Updates and Enhancements
  • Technical Support
  • Security and Compliance

Starting at 2500£

AI Strategy, Training and Implementation tailored for SMEs

We deliver a comprehensive AI Consultancy and Strategy Development program tailored specifically for SMEs.


We offer:

  • AI Strategy for Businesses Workshop
  • Leveraging Chat GPT and Other AI Tools in Businesses Workshop
  • Prompt Library for Optimizing Business Operations Workshop
  • AI-Enhanced Content Marketing Workshop
  • AI Agent Creation for Businesses Workshop

Consultation and Implementation

Our team has more than 10+ years of experience Launching, Building, Transforming and Growing Businesses

Get to know some of the companies our team has helped throughout the years

We got in touch at a crucial time for our brand. It was indeed a work of excellence, in the areas of Design and Creativity, Webdesign, Branding Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Social Media creation. I really enjoyed it… When working with the team, expect commitment, rigor and innovation. Without a doubt, it is a work worth mentioning…

Marlene Almeida – CEO Argira Group

Samuel Pedro is one of the most committed professionals in solving customer problems that I have ever worked with in Portugal. Attentive, empathetic and with high energy to meet the demands that arise. I highly recommend your work, it’s worth it!

TOP 100 Women in Social Enterprise 2023 | ForbesBLK | Social Entrepreneur | Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

Available team, with a lot of vision and very competent. They exceeded my expectations and added value to my project through creative ideas. 

Ivana Silva – General Manager Be Talent

What is the Difference between No-Code and Traditional Code Development?

Speed of Development

No-Code and Low-Code

Traditional Code Development

Rapid development, from 70% to 90% faster than traditional development. Development may take longer due to coding complexities, potentially delaying time-to-market.

No-Code and Low-Code

Traditional Code Development

Quick prototyping and iterative development cycles, enabling rapid validation of ideas and market feedback. Prototyping may be time-consuming, particularly for complex functionalities, potentially slowing down the validation process.

No-Code and Low-Code

Traditional Code Development

Lower upfront costs due to reduced development time and fewer resources required.

Higher upfront costs associated with hiring skilled developers and longer development cycles.



No-Code and Low-Code

Traditional Code Development

Customization is connected to platform capabilities, however, very customizable when integrated with Low-Code capabilities.

Highly customizable, allowing for tailored and intricate solutions.



No-Code and Low-Code

Traditional Code Development

Capable of great scalability for highly specialized or complex applications, may require adding or transitioning to custom code depending on the needs.

Highly scalable, adaptable to evolving business needs and growing user bases, offering long-term flexibility and expansion opportunities.


No-Code and Low-Code

Traditional Code Development

Simplified maintenance with automatic updates and streamlined workflows, saving time and resources.

Maintenance may be complex, requiring ongoing debugging, updates, and dedicated technical support.

Discover How Much Investment is Required for Your Project

*Please note the project’s final cost and schedule may vary depending on variables like scope stage, UX/UI requirements, and overall project complexity.


Create a basic MVP with essential features such as user authentication, a dashboard, and a simple messaging system. Great to gather valuable feedback from potential investors and users.


An Appointment scheduling app integrated with a calendar API. The app allows customers to book appointments online, sends automated reminders, and enables to manage schedules efficiently.


A donation and fundraising app. The platform includes features for accepting donations, displaying fundraising progress, and engaging donors through personalized thank-you messages.


An online marketplace for handmade crafts. The app users to list their products, facilitates secure transactions, and provides users with a seamless shopping experience.

£16000 – £30000:

A custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system tailored to a business specific needs. The app integrates with existing systems, automates sales processes, and generates detailed analytics reports to enhance business insights.

Our Mission

We are on a 5-year mission to build the next 500 new digital solutions that will redefine the digital innovation landscape. We invite you to partner with us while we strive to become the household name in the no-code industry. But that is not all.

We also take pride in creating our ventures leveraging No-Code and Low-Code tools.

Why Choose No-Code District as Your Partner


We prioritize efficiency, ensuring swift project delivery without compromising quality.


Our solutions offer excellent value, maximizing your return on investment, so you can invest in other growth areas.


We stay ahead of the curve, constantly innovating to bring you cutting-edge solutions.


We support you from day 0. From ideation to launch and growing your business we are there.


With our team’s extensive experience and knowledge, you’re in capable hands.

What to expect from our
Development Process?

*Please note this is an example for 1  Month project. The schedule may vary depending on variables like scope stage, UX/UI requirements, and overall project complexity.

During the Discovery phase, which spans approximately 3 days, our Project and Product Lead engage in comprehensive discussions with you to confirm the technical and financial feasibility of your project. We provide a written Pre-Scope Proposal outlining initial findings and recommendations, ensuring alignment with your objectives. Additionally, we match you with a dedicated Project Manager to oversee the upcoming stages.

Timeline: 3 days 

Team: Project and Product Lead


  • Confirmation of the Fit (technical + financial)
  • Written Pre Scope Proposal
  • PM Match

In the Scope phase, lasting around 5 days, our Project and Product Lead, in collaboration with you, establish a comprehensive Scope document. This document includes detailed User Roles, User Stories, Screens, and Functions, providing a clear roadmap for the project. We also outline the budget, timeline, and milestones, ensuring transparency and accountability. Furthermore, we match you with a UX/UI Lead to commence the design process.

Timeline: 5 days

Team: Project and Product Lead


  • Full Scope with User Roles, User Stories, Screens and Functions
  • Clear Budget, Timeline and Milestones 
  • UX/UI Lead Match

The Design phase, spanning approximately 5 to 8 days, involves our Project and Product Lead working closely with our UX and UI Designer to craft a pixel-perfect Front-End Design, complete with dummy data. We finalize the Scope Document, incorporating any design considerations, and solidify the project team’s resourcing and start date.

Timeline: 5 – 8 days

Team: Project and Product Lead + UX and UI Designer


  • Pixel Perfect Front-End Design (with dummy data)
  • Final Scope Document
  • Team Final Resourcing + Start Date

During the Development and Building phase, lasting around 5 to 10 days, our Project and Product Lead, along with Developers and potentially the UX/UI Designer, work diligently to bring your vision to life. We deliver a fully functional app that meets your requirements and we will try our best to exceed your expectations.

Timeline: 5 – 10 days

Team: Project and Product Lead + Developer (UX and UI Designer if needed)


  • Fully functional App

In the Review and Launch phase, which takes approximately 4 days, our Project and Product Lead, alongside Developers, ensure thorough testing and quality assurance of the app. Once approved, we launch the app on your domain, transfer full intellectual property rights to you, and publish the app on relevant app stores if applicable. We provide five days of post-launch support to address any immediate issues.

Timeline: 4 days (+ 5 Days Support)

Team: Project and Product Lead + Developer 


  • Live app on your domain
  • Full IP transfer to client
  • App published on app stores (if mobile app)
  • All hosting and backend accounts transferred to you

Our Support phase, tailored to your needs and offered on an ad-hoc or monthly basis, ensures ongoing success. Depending on your requirements, our team provides iterative launches and continuous support to enhance and maintain your app’s performance and relevance.

Timeline: Adhoc or Monthly

Team: Dependent of the needs


  • Iterative launches

Explore What We Do at No-Code District

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