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 AI for SMEs – Consultancy and Strategy Development

AI for SME

No Code District presents comprehensive AI Consultancy and Strategy Development programs tailored specifically for SMEs.

Our bespoke training programs aim to empower small and medium-sized enterprises with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to seamlessly integrate AI technologies into their operations, thereby boosting efficiency, fostering innovation, and gaining a competitive edge in the market.

AI Strategy for Businesses Workshop (6.5 hours):

Dive deep into understanding how AI can align with your business goals and objectives.

Develop a customized AI strategy that tackles specific business challenges and leverages AI for growth and optimization.

Leveraging Chat GPT and Other AI Tools in Businesses Workshop (6.5 hours):

Gain training on the practical application of AI tools like Chat GPT to automate customer service, generate content, and streamline communication.

Explore hands-on examples and case studies on integrating AI tools for enhanced business efficiency.

Prompt Library for Optimizing Business Operations Workshop (6.5 hours):

Focus on creating an extensive library of prompts to effectively use AI tools for various business operations.

Learn techniques for prompt engineering to maximize AI interactions, thus enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

AI-Enhanced Content Marketing Workshop (6.5 hours):

Explore how AI can revolutionize content marketing strategies, from content creation to distribution.

Discover strategies for utilizing AI to generate high-quality, engaging content tailored to your audience, thereby improving SEO and driving engagement.

AI Agent Creation for Businesses Workshop (6.5 hours):

Receive guidance on designing and implementing AI agents to automate tasks, interact with customers, and provide personalized experiences.

Gain insights into the development process, tools, and best practices for creating AI agents that add significant value to your business.

Consultation and Implementation Support:

Engage in dedicated one-on-one sessions to discuss specific AI challenges, explore potential solutions, and refine your AI strategy, or receive hands-on assistance in implementing AI solutions within your business, from integrating AI tools to deploying custom AI agents.

Key Features:

AI Tailored to SMEs:

 All services are meticulously designed with the unique needs and constraints of SMEs in mind, ensuring relevance and applicability.

Expert Guidance:

Led by experts in AI and no-code/low-code development, providing authoritative insights and practical advice.

Strategic & Hands-On Learning:

Workshops include interactive sessions whre applications and strategy alignement are keys. 

Some Words About the Work of Our Team

We got in touch at a crucial time for our brand. It was indeed a work of excellence, in the areas of Design and Creativity, Webdesign, Branding Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Social Media creation. I really enjoyed it… When working with the team, expect commitment, rigor and innovation. Without a doubt, it is a work worth mentioning…

Marlene Almeida – CEO Argira Group

Samuel Pedro is one of the most committed professionals in solving customer problems that I have ever worked with in Portugal. Attentive, empathetic and with high energy to meet the demands that arise. I highly recommend your work, it’s worth it!

TOP 100 Women in Social Enterprise 2023 | ForbesBLK | Social Entrepreneur | Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

Available team, with a lot of vision and very competent. They exceeded my expectations and added value to my project through creative ideas. 

Ivana Silva – General Manager Be Talent

Why Choose No Code District?

With No Code District’s AI Consultancy and Strategy Development program, SMEs can confidently navigate the complex landscape of AI integration.

By understanding how to effectively leverage AI, businesses can unlock new opportunities for growth, innovation, and competitive advantage. This program not only demystifies AI but also provides a clear pathway for its practical and strategic application in the SME sector.

Join us in shaping the future of your business with AI.

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